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Bolton vs Arsenal

Posted in Arsenal with tags , , on March 31, 2008 by kemgooner

Football can be such a crazy horrible wonderful game, as Arsenal and Bolton fans today must feel. The game kicked off in the pouring rain today, with Arsenal resting striker Emmanuel Adebayor, and at first Arsenal seemed to be dominating. Then Bolton scored from a cross and Arsenal fans around the world groaned in frustration. Not again was going through the minds of even the most optimistic fans. Then Diaby was sent off for a bad tackle. Then Bolton scored again. Bolton fans must have been ecstatic, their team seemed in control.  Arsenal fans were ready to kill themselves, how could their team go from league leaders to losing 2-0 to a relegation team.

The second half began and for the first 10 minutes or so nothing changed, Bolton was in complete control and I really couldn’t see Arsenal turning it around at that point. Bolton even came close to making it 3-0 but for a great save by Almunia. Then the whole game changed when Arsene Wenger brought on Adebayor and Theo Walcott. The pace picked up for Arsenal, they seemed surer in possession and were putting Bolton under more and more pressure. Then the captain, William Gallas, scored from a corner when the Bolton players seemed to fall asleep in defense. Just a few minutes later Alex Hleb was fouled in the box, and Robin van Persie scored the penalty.  Time continued to tick away, and then right at the last minute Cesc Fabregas shot and after being deflected by about 3 Bolton defenders the ball was in the back of the net. His face after the goal echoed the passion felt by Arsenal supporters anywhere.

So in the end the final score was 3-2, and after such a rollercoaster game Arsenal fans finally get to see another W.  This doesn’t solve the problems of the past 5 weeks or reverse them, but it does show that even when things are awful, even when you’ve felt you’ve hit rock bottom, and all there is, is despair eventually thing can come around.  Watching the team in the second half and feeling the relief of getting that goal at the very end just makes me believe that things are turning around for us. I still doubt that we will be able to get back in front of the league, but stranger things have happened so who knows what will happen next.  The Champions league game is midweek, and this result also gives me more confidence going into that.  Come on You Gunners!