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Pre-Season Friendly Report

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CORRECTION Inter Milan AC Milan Soccer

Pre-Season friendlies have begun to kick off around Europe as teams prepare for next season, some teams have started slowly against lower league opposition, while others have taken on other big teams in tournaments around the world.  Already Chelsea have claimed the title in the World Football Challenge, while the Peace Cup is still taking place with teams like Juventus and Real Madrid as just a couple of the major teams participating. This pre-season has also seen the debuts of star players like Cristiano Ronaldo for Real Madrid against Shamrock Rovers, and the introduction of Michael Owen as a red devil.

Here is a brief summary of pre-season matches so far from some of Europe’s big clubs:


Arsenal: vs Barnet 2-2, vs SC Columbia 7-1, vs Szombathelyi H 5-0. Leading Scorer: Bendtner (4).

Chelsea: vs Seattle 2-0, vs Inter Milan 2-0, vs AC Milan 2-1, vs Club America 2-0. Leading Scorer: Lampard (2), Drogba (2).

Everton: vs Bury 1-2, vs Rochdale 4-1, vs River Plate 0-1. Leading Scorer: Jo (2)

Liverpool: vs St. Gallen 0-0, vs Rapid Vienna 0-1, vs Thailand 1-1, vs Singapore 5-0. Leading Scorer: Nemeth (2)

Manchester City: vs Orlando Pirates 0-2, vs Kaizer Chiefs 1-0, vs Kaizer Chiefs 0-1. Leading Scorer: Ireland (1)

Manchester United: vs Malaysia 3-2, vs Malaysia 2-0, vs Seoul 3-2, vs Hangzhou Greentown 2-8. Leading Scorer: Giggs (3).



Atletico Madrid: vs Colmenar Viejo 3-0,  vs Benfica 2-1, vs Ajax 3-3, vs Sunderland 0-2. Leading Scorer: Simao (2)

Barcelona: vs Tottenham 1-1, vs Al- Ahly 4-1. Leading Scorer: Bojan (2)

Real Madrid: vs Shamrock Rovers 1-0, vs Al-Ittihad 1-1. Leading Scorer Benzema (1), Raul (1).

Sevilla: vs Juventus 1-2, vs Seongnam 0-0. Leading Scorer: Squillaci (1)

Valencia: vs Den Haag 4-1, vs Udinese 0-0. Leading Scorer: Navarro (1), Gonzalez (1), Michel (1), Alba (1).

Villareal: vs Navata 27-0, vs Vilamalla 10-0. Leading Scorer: Pereira (10).



AC Milan: vs LA Galaxy 2-2, vs Club America 1-2, vs Chelsea 1-2, vs Inter 0-2. Leading Scorer: Inzaghi (2)

AS Roma: vs Riscone 9-0,  vs Viktoria Plzen 1-1,  vs Blackburn Rovers 2-2. Leading Scorer: Totti: (3)

Fiorentina: vs Cortina 13-0, vs Belluno 7-0.

Inter Milan: vs Club America 1-1 (4-5 pks), vs Chelsea 0-2, vs AC Milan 2-0. Leading Scorer: Milito (2)

Juventus: vs Cisco Roma 4-1, vs Nancy 1-1, vs Vicenza 1-1, vs Sevilla 2-1.


Some teams have started off their preseason’s with a bang while others have started slowly. How important are preseason games to how you feel about your team’s chances in the upcoming season?


Villarreal v Atletico Madrid 29.03.08

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El Madrigal

This game started with Villarreal knowing that if they beat Atletico Madrid they would go 9 points ahead of them and move into 2nd place, 3 points off Real Madrid.

The game was at the very yellow El Madrigal stadium where most of the noise was surprisingly coming from the 700 Atletico fans that had travelled east to watch their team try and close the gap on Villarreal.

The game started well with both teams closing each other down quickly and the first real chance came 7 minutes into the game where Senna had a free kick that went straight into the box for Santi Cazorla only for him to head it straight at Abbiati.There was nothing really between the sides and both were playing a like. Although both teams wanted to be careful not to concede the first goal they were still both pushing forward to score.

On the 20th Minute Sergio Aguero had a great chance. Atletico Madrid went on a fast attack and a cross from the right hand side came in by Maxi which fell straight to Aguero, who stuck out his leg to poke it in except it hit the bottom of his foot and went wide instead.

The next chance fell too Villarreal and to that man Santi Cazorla again. This time he twisted past the defenders and turned inside to produce a good shot that took a deflection from an Atletico playing causing problems for Abbiati who had to poke it over the bar.

Again the next chance was a Villarreal chance in the 29th Minute. This time from a free kick which went into the box only for the Atletico players to stop thinking Rossi was offside, but he wasn’t, he was very unlucky not to get a better connection on the ball to hit it in the back of the net.

The Atletico fans were being the nosier fans up until the 38th minute when the first goal of the game came.Rossi made a fantastic run into the box producing a low and dangerous cross, this caused problems for Perea who didn’t manage to get a good touch on it to clear it, so then it fell to Cazorla who managed to send Abbiati the wrong way.

Now it was the turn of Villarreal fans to be noisy and they made even more noise 4 minutes later when Nihat scored a goal.The build up to this goal was brilliant with Villarreal putting together many passes and then Cazorla making a great run into the box. Then

Rossi to produce a fantastic low and dangerous cross which went right across the box and fell to Nihat for him to tap it in.

The referee blew his whistle for half time with Villarreal winning comfortably at 2-0. Villarreal deserved to be in the lead at this point as they had put together some fantastic passing movements and were playing the better football.

HT Villarreal 2-0 Atletico Madrid

The 2nd half was rather dull compared to the first half with both sides knowing that the next goal would be the important goal.

The only real chance of the half for Atletico was on the 49th minute when the 18-year-older Camacho hit the bar with a free header.

On the 65th minute was the important goal that put the game to bed. Nihat scored his 2nd goal of the match. This came from Atletico losing possession on the edge of their own half then for Cazorla to pass to Nihat for him to hit it through Abbiati’s legs.

Villarreal were really in control of the game with putting together plenty of passes and stopping Atletico from putting together more than 6 or 7 passes and they managed to do this until the final whistle.

This has now put Villarreal into 2nd place 3-points behind Real Madrid and 1 point ahead of Barcelona. There is now a 9-point gap difference between Atletico and Villarreal. If Racing beat Espanyol tomorrow they can go level on points with Atletico.

FT Villarreal 3-0 Atletico Madrid

Real Zaragoza v Atletico Madrid 08.03.08

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Real Zaragoza v Atletico Madrid 08.03.08

La Romareda  

After watching their rivals beat Espanyol 2-1, Atletico Madrid saw this as the perfect chance to go 5 points ahead of them and also see them catch up and over-take Villarreal to take that 3rd position. 

You wouldn’t have thought Real Zaragoza were sitting just outside the relegation zone in 17th position with the way they played against Atletico Madrid tonight. 

To the sound of the African drums in the crowd constantly banging away the referee blew his whistle for the game to begin.  

Real Zaragoza certainly started off as the stronger side with having a lot of possession and closing down Atletico very well. 

It only took 4 minutes until Christian Abbiati was called into action. A ball from the left wing flew in the box which saw Abbiati come out of his goal to punch the ball, only for him to punch thin air and miss it, the ball then fell to another Zaragoza player who crossed the ball again only for a 3rd Zaragoza player in on the action to header the ball straight at Abbiati, which was a very weak header.

 Atletico couldn’t really get very far when they had possession of the ball as the Zaragoza players were closing them down very well. It took until the 16th minute when Kun Aguero managed to break away from the Zaragoza defence for him to produce a very good cross which went straight to Diego Forlan, who used his head to aim at goal but hit his shoulder instead. This still managed to bring out a brilliant save out of Cesar Sanchez. 

On the 25th minute saw the first goal of the game. Maxi Rodriguez and Kun Aguero linked up well and exchanged a few passes together only for this to stop due to Aguero being fouled, the referee played a good advantage and carried on as Maxi still had the ball, he then passed to Simao who managed to find a space to kick the ball into the back of the net leaving Cesar with no chance. 

The next goal came 8 minutes later when Atletico Madrid conceded a free kick on the edge of the box, this was the only decision of the day by the referee which was wrong as there was nothing much in it foul. Just a little tug of the arm on Sergio Garcia saw the referee blow his whistle. The ball was hit hard and low into the box causing defenders to panic and then Pablo miss-kicked the ball into his own net. This wasn’t the first time tonight he miss-kicked the ball, this happened earlier on in the game when he went to kick the ball away but instead fell over the ball and kick it with the wrong foot causing it to go out for a throwing. He certainly was having a poor game. 

The next chance came moments after when Sergio Garcia, who was having an excellent game, go to kick the ball into the goal only for Juan Valera to block the ball and managed to clear it from the penalty area. 

Coming up to half time and the last chance of the game saw Diego Forlan go on a fantastic run. He used his strength and skill to produce a curling shot, only for it to not have enough curl on it and went wide. 

Half TimeReal Zaragoza had been the better side and having the most possession too. A 1-1 half time score line was probably the correct score. 

2nd Half

The drums continued to bang again for the start of the 2nd half and the fans all took their seats hoping for it to be as exciting as the first half and they got that.  

4 minutes into the 2nd half saw the first chance for Atletico Madrid. Diego Forlan skipped inside the box to produce a good shot only for it to go directly at Cesar in the middle of the goal. 

The next chance came soon after, this time to the delight of the Zaragoza fans that it was for their team. Peter Luccin took a wild shot at goal from a long distance out, only for it to go past everyone and only just went wide.  

On the hour mark Atletico started to make a few mistakes here and there and passes were too short or a pass would go out of play. They couldn’t put any passes together without being closed down well by the Zaragoza team, this was something which they had managed to do well all night.

This then saw the central midfield player, Oscar, have a brilliant chance to score. Zaragoza won the ball off an Atletico Madrid player, then many of the Zaragoza players were involved in the build up with quick and low passes going from one side to another side of the pitch. A Zaragoza player then crossed the ball which was a perfect cross and reached Oscar only for him to head the ball into the ground and it went out for a goal kick. 

Again, another mistake caused Zaragoza to have a brilliant chance, this time this chance was the winning goal of the game.

It started off with Atletico Madrid losing possession with a weak pass being intercepted by a Real Zaragoza player. Who then passed to Sergio Garcia who went on a good run into the box, turning inside and out tricking the Ateltico players. This caused Siamo to concede a penalty by bringing down Sergio Garcia and the referee pointing to the spot straight away.

Diego Milito stepped up and placed the ball to the right of the goalkeeper and saw Diego Milito claim his 15th goal in La Liga this season. 

 2-1 Real Zaragoza, who deserved to be ahead.

On the 83rd minute Atletico Madrid nearly got themselves back into the game. Diego Forlan managed to capitalise on Diogo’s poor pass and Forlan ran through into the box, his first touch was brilliant and he managed to find place to shot, he went for power over place and it was hit straight at Cesar. 

Then 3 minutes later Atletico Madrid nearly scored again. This time Kun Aguero broke through the defence, which then he took it around Cesar Sanchez and produced a low, dangerous pass into the box, only for Diego Forlan to be reaching for the ball and Luccin sliding in and getting the ball away. 

The last chance was an Atletico chance again, this time for Reyes. Atletico Madrid managed to put together a few good passes and a cross into the box which was cleared by Diogo, only for it to fall to Jose Antonio Reyes who produced a beautiful volley which just went wide, he is still waiting to score a goal in La Liga for Atletico Madrid.

 The referee blew his whistle to much delight of the Zaragoza fans. It was an excellent game and much needed 3 points for Real Zaragoza which saw them go from 17th to 12th in La Liga.

 I feel the crowd played a part in the win tonight for Zaragoza as all night they were very noisy and La Romareda had a wonderful atmosphere to it. I also feel the referee had a brilliant game too, it was only that decisive decision to award the free kick on the edge of the box which was the bad thing to his game. He let the game flow and played advantage at the right times and when he could, very good refereeing.  

Atletico Madrid hope Barcelona can do them a favour tomorrow and beat 3rd place Villarreal so the gap doesn’t get any bigger. 

Final Score

Real Zaragoza 2-1 Atletico Madrid.

Weekend Preview

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Premier League

Arsenal v Aston Villa

Arsenal face a very good Aston Villa team in what is a huge match for them to keep ahead of Manchester Utd in the title race. Arsenal are now down to only one experienced striker after the injury to Eduardo last week and Robin van Persie’s continued absence, so either Theo Walcott or Nikolas Bendtner will be pairing Emmanuel Adebayor up front or the 4-5-1 formation will be used, with Alexander Hleb most likely playing in the hole behind Adebayor. Tomas Rosicky is also out along with Kolo Toure, but aside from that Arsenal should be at almost full strength. Aston Villa are coming into this match after two consecutive wins and are going to be pushing hard for victory themselves to help keep their Europe dream strong.

Players to Watch

Emmanuel Adebayor-Arsenal-Adebayor is the leading scorer for Arsenal and is most likely the team’s best shot at getting on the score sheet. After to somewhat disappointing scoreless matches he will surely be looking to get back on the score sheet.

Gabriel Agbonglahor-Aston Villa-the speedy Villa striker already has 7 goals and will be looking to add to his total at the Emirates.

West Ham v Chelsea

Chelsea will have a tough task defeating West Ham away from home, but we all know if anyone can grind out a result, its Chelsea and they will be looking to rebound from their Carling Cup defeat last weekend.  If Chelsea loses this match and Arsenal and Utd win they will fall 12 points behind first place and will most likely be out of the race. Chelsea have a full strength squad and fans will probably be wondering who Avram Grant will be playing in this match, after leaving Michael Ballack, Joe Cole, and Salomon Kalou on the bench last weekend.  West Ham are looking to get their first win against Chelsea in 6 matches and are coming off a 1-0 win away to Fulham. Bobby Zamora and Henri Camara are both in contention to be in the squad after coming back from injury.

Players to Watch

John Terry-Chelsea- the Chelsea captain is going to be a key player in stopping the West Ham attack and leading the team to victory, and it’s going to be interesting to see how he will do as he is still coming back from injury and had an alleged fallout with manager Avram Grant.

Freddie Ljungberg-West Ham- West Ham is going to be relying on Ljungberg’s experience to help lead the attack on the Chelsea defense, his runs and crosses could be the key to grabbing a goal.

Everton v Portsmouth

In what is looking to be an exciting encounter in the race for European football fourth place Everton take on seventh place Pompey.  Both teams are coming off wins, Portsmouth a 1-0 victory over Sunderland and Everton a 2-0 win against Manchester City.

Players to Watch

Yakubu-Everton- Harry Redknapp has said that the Everton striker is back to his best, and he will have to be in order to help Everton to victory against a Pompey side that has an impressive away record.

Niko Kranjcar-Portsmouth-the Pompey midfielder is going to have to be on top of his game in order to change the result from the last time Pompey visited Goodison Park, which led to a 3-0 defeat.

La Liga

Atletico Madrid v Barcelona

This match seems to be the biggest match of the weekend in Spain, as Atleitico look to regain form after a string a disappointing results while Barcelona are looking to keep up their good run and gain more points on Real Madrid. As of now it is not sure whether Kun Aguero will be fit for Atletico, which would be another blow to an already injury hit side still missing goalkeeper Leo Franco and midfielder Simao.  Atletico captain Maxi Rodriguez has come out in an interview and spoken about how important the match was, stating that “we have to come out to look for the game using our heads, without getting thrown off. They have players that can make things complicated for you at anytime, so we have to be strong, united, and patient. “He also stated that the team does not depend on Sergio Aguero to win. Barcelona, while having relatively good form coming in from the league, will want to make up for their disappointing midweek draw to Valencia in the Copa del Rey and get back to the form that crushed Levante 5-1.

Players to Watch

Kun Aguero-Atletico Madrid- whether he plays or not it will surely have an impact on Atletico’s ability to win this match, whether Maxi says they don’t depend on him or not.

Lionel Messi-Barcelona-Messi is always a threat for Barcelona, and he scored the last time these two teams met, in which Barca won 3-0.

  Recreativo Huelva v Real Madrid

This usually would not be one of the biggest matches of the weekend, but with Madrid’s loss to Getafe anything seems possible in this match. While it is doubtful that Madrid will fail to gain three points again, Huelva will surely come into this match with the confidence that they too can get a result, especially after their 1-1 draw with Valencia at the Mestalla as their last result.  The return of Robinho to the Madrid squad is a welcome return, while Sneijder, Salgado, and Marcelo are back in training but don’t seem quite ready to rejoin the squad. Guti and Cannavaro, who both picked up niggling injuries in the match against Getafe, were also in training are working hard to be fit for the match Saturday. Madrid has beaten Huelva five out of the seven times they have faced each other previously.

Players to Watch

Sorrentino-Recreativo Huelva- the Huelva goalkeeper will surely be under a lot of pressure facing Madrid’s relentless attack and if they are going to earn a result he will have to be on top of his game, and then some.

Robinho-Real Madrid-the Brazilians return will be a boost to the already dangerous Madrid attack, and it will be interesting to see how fit he is in preparation for Madrid’s huge Champions League clash with Roma.

Serie A

Roma v Parma

Roma will be looking to get a win this weekend at the Stadio Olimpico after their frustrating midweek draw with Inter. Parma currently sit 14th in the league and are coming into this match full of confidence after a big 2-0 win against Udinese. Roma while being back to full strength attack wise, will be playing without three key members of their defense, Juan and Marco Cassetti are both seem to be out due to injury, though Juan might be able to return, and Philippe Mexes is suspended after picking up two yellow cards against Inter.

Players to Watch

Francesco Totti-Roma- Totti seems to be gaining form after being plagued with injury and sickness, and after his goal against Inter it wouldn’t be hard to see him scoring again, especially since he scored twice when these teams met earlier in the season.

Cristiano Lucarelli-Parma-the veteran Italian goal scorer will be one of Parma’s best chances of grabbing a goal.

 AC Milan v Lazio

Milan could have grabbed fourth place during the week, but because of their draw to Catania they are still in fifth. However, because Juventus and Fiorentina are playing each other a win would go a long way to get them into position for European football. Lazio are coming off a win, but will not gain confidence from the fact that they have not won in the San Siro (against Milan), since 1989. Milan may choose to rest some players in anticipation for their Champions League match Tuesday, but they still have to play a strong enough squad to produce a victory.

Players to Watch

Pato-AC Milan- Pato scored a great goal midweek and will be looking to add to his total for the season.

Tommaso Rocchi and Goran Pandev- Lazio- between the strike partners are 17 goals, and together they will be looking to punish the Milan defense for any mistakes and both are more than capable of producing a moment of magic.

Juventus v Fiorentina

The match of the weekend in Serie A, this match will prove the legitimacy of each team’s European hopes. Juve are coming off a draw in the Torino derby, and a loss to Reggina and need to get back to their winning ways in order to challenge Roma for second, while Fiorentina are coming off a 1-0 win to Livorno and are looking to stay ahead of AC Milan. Both teams have a trio of key players out, with Fiorentina missing Mutu, Semioli, and Liverani due to injury and Juve missing Zanetti, Chiellini, and Nedved.

Players to Watch

Giampaolo Pazzini-Fiorentina- with Mutu out, the scoring responsibility falls on Pazzini’s shoulders and if Fiorentina are going to get points Pazzini will have to be on top of his game.

Alessandro del Piero-Juventus- while Trezeguet is the leading scorer for Juve, del Piero also has 11 assists to add to his 11 goals and will likely have a hand in any goal Juve are to score this weekend.

German Bundesliga

Schalke 04 v Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich currently have a four point lead over second place Werder Bremen but have let challengers off the hook recently with draws to Bremen and Hamburg. Schalke look to get their big week off with a win to gain momentum to take to Portugal.

 Werder Bremen v Borussia Dortmund

Werder Bremen is hoping to gain ground on Bayern, but will have to play without play maker Diego who is suspended. Dortmund is looking to keep of their good form and continue moving up through the standings.

French Ligue 1

Lille v Lyon

Lyon is only 3 points in front of Bordeaux and need to win to keep that lead intact. They also are looking ahead to a Champions League match midweek and a trip to Old Trafford.

Portuguese Liga

Sporting Lisbon v Benfica

While Porto has all but wrapped the title, this match still promises to entertain, as both teams will be fighting for a place in Europe next season.