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Kaka going to…no where

Posted in AC Milan with tags , , , , , on August 21, 2008 by beutyskooldpout5

Chelsea are  getting hot and heavy for Milan’s star player Ricky Kaka. They have been trying to pry their way into negotiations no matter how much Milan try and keep the door close denying the rumors. But I think we will finally be able to get some relief, Milan published an official statement saying:

MILANO – In merito alle dichiarazioni pubblicate oggi dal quotidiano inglese “The Guardian”, Vittorio Mentana, direttore della comunicazione rossonera, ribadisce “Kakà non è assolutamente in vendita”.

Translation? Thought so…


Milan- In regards to the publication today of the english news “The Guardian”, Vittorio Mentana, director of communication rossonera, says “Kaka is absolutely NOT for sale”

I will start with saying that I dislike the transfer window so much that if it were a person I would dump a cold bucket of water on it and then give it a swift kick in the behind.

Kaka leaving Milan will hopefully be when he can no longer play. He’s achieved a lot in the rossonera shirt, and at Milan he’s worshiped like a God, the fans are crazy about him. Him going to Chelsea would be a big blow to his career if he weren’t to do well the first game. The British after all aren’t exactly the forgiving type, where at Milan he’s already proven himself time and time again. We milan fans are easier to forgive the bad moments and look forward to the good because we look at Milan like a family.

Hopefully all these rumors about where Kaka will be at come the start of next season will be put to rest!